A prepaid card is a means of payment that can be purchased through a bank, online stores, description unions. It is a card that has a clear amount of child support assigned and can be used to create mammal or virtual purchases afterward the amount charged to it in advance. Specifically, in Turkey, this prepaid card support became non-existent due to political conflicts, and no product or foster could be obtained from abroad. The absolute answer to this event has been Karthane next a focus upon quality customer serve and who cares about its users.

With its incomparable paykasa and paykwik tools that are a prepaid electronic grant support to make or get payments online. Widely used by people who get not want their personal assistance to go online or who complete not have savings account cards. Through a system that has been created by them, they pay for you an electronic glue consisting of 16 digits, therefore that you can create or receive payments in a flexible, secure, fast and trouble-free manner. This code is used lonesome with and belongs lonesome to you.

There is no better encourage at your fingertips than use paykasa and paykwik for your payments for services, products, items, or games. You straightforwardly choose the amount of money you infatuation to make your payment, and through your unique PIN, you can create a secure electronic business transaction. For Karthane, safety comes. First, that’s why its relief guarantees 100% safety, not lonely in sales but in addition to in the breakdown service.

Another aspect in which paykasa and paykwik cards manage to pay for the most convenient for you is in their paykaza bozum and paykwyk bozum service. If you compulsion to get a payment for a encourage or product, your cards can be converted into cash. Rates are calculated based upon current squabble rates. Still, you will always acquire a agreed advantageous rate once an incomparable lead for these paykasa and paykwik cards, such as beast trendy in more than 30,000 places.